Sunday, December 1, 2013

Viva Mexico!

we were SO lucky to get to visit the ingrams in sayulita, mexico.  though it was strange to venture south of the border without daddy, we had such a great time!  the kids were naturals abroad and did such a great job traveling (i'm blocking out the trip home as i type this).  the best part of it all, better than the beautiful mexican coast, was spending time with barry and eepers (now called "beepers" when they are together) and runa and mars.  those ingrams are so so special.  i will forever be grateful for their love and hospitality.

This is a video i made unintentionally.  somehow my camera created a video from the pics i took one morning.  the still pics are great, but i love how this collage of video captures the magical mornings at the ingram's casa.  now, if i could only figure out how i did that!!

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  1. !!!Dios mio!!! Amo todo de Mexico. Mil gracias a los Ingrams y a mi alma, Frijole, por viajando a Mexico con los niños.